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Civil Rights/Title IX Report

This report tool is for non-emergency incidents. For an emergency call 911.

Please be advised that you are not required to provide your name or contact information in order to use this form to submit a report. You school takes all reports made through this site seriously, including those that are submitted anonymously. However, in order to facilitate our ability to investigate your report, we ask that you try to fill out the other areas of this form as accurately, completely and truthfully as possible. Every effort will be made to evaluate your report promptly, however, the timing and manner the school responds to the report will vary depending on the information provided and whether you wish to remain anonymous. Please also be advised that, if you are using this form to submit a good faith report of sexual harassment or sexual violence, you will not be subject to disciplinary action for simply making a report. Review the school's Title IX Policy and catalog for information on receiving and investigating reports of sexual harassment, sexual violence and other civil rights violations.

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Below are categories that may apply. Please indicate the relevant sections which pertain to this incident report. If the incident you are reporting does not fit one of these categories, please use the Description/Narrative section to describe what occurred.* Required

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